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Follow Samm's experiences on travel, music, the outdoors, grassroots movements, the political climate, activism, queer communities, and underground culture.


Episode 8- Listen here for the interview with David Myers, a pro-activist and leader of racial justice crew JUICE based in Portland, Oregon. David was one of the only black residents of the rural Oregon town McMinnville; laying the foundation of the future fight against systemic racism and police brutality in Portland. He has curated a crew that works towards a future of justice and equality in Portland with tangible change in hand. Listen here for his fight for what he believes is right for the future of Portland's BIPOC community.


Episode 6- Listen here about the unconventional way this Alaskan, Justin Boot, lives. The cultivation of Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival and learn about some of the underground culture and Alaskan Native culture that lives in the vast land of Alaska.


Episode 7-Don't Shoot PDX is a black led non-profit that fights police brutality and provides mutual aid in the Portland, Oregon community. Listen here to the full interview with Tai Carpenter, the president of Don't Shoot PDX and daughter of activist and politician Teressa Raiford.


Episode 5-Read here how Jayke's music career grew over the years, how he has pivoted his focus during the global pandemic, the rise and fall of Farmageddon Records and how you can support your favorite musicians in the upcoming months


Episode 4- 'Mikey Classic Faces the Pandemic.' An interview with Mikey Classic of the Goddamn Gallows on how he has watched the music industry evolve over the years and dissolve in one.

Episode 2- Follow Samm's travels into the backcountry of Spruce Knob, WV and learn about what to bring on a day hike

Episode 3- Follow Samm's experience on the frontlines fighting off the Feds sent by the Trump Administration in Portland, Oregon

Episode 1- Introducing TRAVELIN' WITH BONES YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Learn about what to bring on a cross country drive and a little about Samm and her experience on the road.

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Episode 9- Alvin Joswick has been protesting in the streets continuously since the murder of George Floyd back in May 2020. He found his role in the movement as a protector who flew to the frontlines and always did his best to assure the safety of his community by the side of his racial justice team JUICE crew. Watch here to hear his story on how he got to the streets to fight for Black Lives Matter movement.

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